The 5 weirdest homes in Spain

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Any good real estate agent knows that each house is different, and that although most of them have a series of things in common (walls, windows, doors, somewhere to eat, sleep and wash) from there the possibilities are endless. Some people are happy to paint the walls an unusual colour, and there are those who want so much more. We have made a list of some of the weirdest and most innovative houses in Spain; do you want to see them?

New construction home on the beachfront

Picture by Sandra Pereznieto

Sunflower House in Gerona

This is taking the concept of a beachfront house to the extreme.

Located next to the Natural Park of Cabo de Creus, and created by Cadaval & Solà-Morales studio, the interesting design of this house responds to several needs; it seeks receiving the maximum amount of daylight at all hours for maximum energy performance, which gives it the name of Sunflower House. In addition, it takes full advantage of the privileged views of the Mediterranean, framing them on the black lacquered edges of its windows, and it’s made to blend into the mountain on which it is located.

Finally, the house is designed to withstand the strong Tramontana winds that hit the area, which sometimes reach 180km / hour, with windows that are normally used in skyscrapers applied to a single-family home. Amazingly, it’s possible to enjoy the outdoors in those conditions thanks to the backyard being protected by the very outer walls of the house.

And even if the walls weren’t there, it’s probably worth risking being blown away by the wind just to enjoy the views.

New construction home cantilevered pool

Picture by Wiel Arets Architects

Jellyfish House in Marbella

With no less than nine meters of cantilevered infinity pool, this spectacular Marbella house was created by the Dutch studio Wiel Arets Architects with the idea of ​​enjoying the sea views, blocked by the neighbouring buildings, in the best possible way.

The creators of the house know that their pool is the best asset they have, and that is why the entire building is created to be able to access said pool from any room. Besides, the kitchen has large panels from which swimmers can be seen, and the outdoor patio is located just below the pool, where a glass ceiling creates turquoise reflections when the sun filters through the water.

Now we just have to find out if the owners are going to have a party at the pool, and how to get them to invite us…

New construction home on the beachfront cliffside

Picture by Jesús Granada

House on the Cliff in Granada

Surely you’ve heard of someone who lives in a cave, but that cave probably doesn’t look anything like this house buried in Salobreña, created by the architecture studio Gilbartolomé.

The house is built on a plot with a slope of 42 degrees, and is designed halfway between the natural and the artificial, adapting to the forms of the environment, but standing out thanks to its metal roof inspired by Gaudi’s architecture.

Of course, it might be a cave, but it is a luxury cave; with a built swimming pool and an integrated home automation system, among many other things, this house is almost a monument to the progress of humanity.

New construction home pool cantilevered

Picture by David Frutos Ruiz

Crossed House in Murcia

This house, finalist of two architectural prizes and created by Clavel Arquitectos, is designed for the user who wants it all; privacy in its lower floor, oriented to the private garden, but also views that are not hindered by the buildings that might be built later, and an orientation that makes the most of the daylight.

They ended up with a very interesting construction, with most of the second floor cantilevered, as if the two heights had been built independently and someone had deposited the second floor on top of the first with a crane.

One cannot help but wonder if the inspiration for the design came from watching some kid play with building blocks, but the result is brilliant.

New construction home

Picture by José Hevia

House OE

The use of this house is defined as “schizophrenic” by its architects, Fake Industries Architectural Agonism and Aixopluc, since the clients who commissioned it wanted a double house to be able to move from one half to the other according to their mood.

The house combines an open space on the lower floor where you can enjoy the warm months, and a well-insulated space capable of withstanding the winds and rain in the mountains of La Mussara. Thus, two traditional construction methods of the area are mixed; an agricultural warehouse and a “mas”, which is what the country houses in the south of Catalonia are called.

The house is completely configurable, with plastic doors on the ground floor that can be folded to open the walls, so to speak, and large windows at the top floor that can be blinded thanks to the aluminium blinds.

The most amazing thing about this house is that in the end, building it cost less than what was budgeted.

Would you live in one of these houses? Or do you prefer something a little more conventional? Do you know any house that you think should be on this list? Tell us in the comments! And if you buy or sell a house in Torrevieja and Costa Blanca, give us a call. Each person has a home perfect for them, and we are experts in putting them together.
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