Tips to sell your house: Home staging

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Imagine this: Your house has been on sale for months, you have lowered the price twice, and nobody has called you yet. You thought that maybe the so-called hard January had something to do, but two months have passed and you still get nothing but silence.

So why can’t you sell your house?

Selling a house, as we’ve previously stated several times, is not an easy process (that’s why we have written a guide) but in a situation like the one we have described, it is very possible that the problem is that your photos are not working. We live in a virtual era, buyers have access to dozens of houses with just one click, so yours has to stand out. Thankfully, we know the way to manage that.

Living room decorated with home staging

What is home staging?

Home staging is a technique that integrates decoration and marketing.  As the name implies, it means that you are going to put your house on stage, or what is the same, prepare it to look as good as possible. These techniques will make your house look bigger, more luminous, more welcoming. It is much more than simple decoration; it means selling a lifestyle. The final goal is that when you take the pictures, the house looks as attractive as possible for customers, so when you put them on the Internet, they will get more visits.

Kitchen decorated for home staging

First impressions.

Home staging can also help you when you organize a visit; there are several studies that say that the buyer forms his first opinion ten seconds after entering the house, therefore you have to make sure that first impressions are good.

You never know what the potential buyer can notice first, so double check to ensure there isn’t a single fault present. And yes, that also includes doing minor repairs, like painting the stains the chair left on the wall or fixing the doorknob on the kitchen door.

Bedroom decorated for home staging

How do I apply home staging?

When you are preparing your house for the pictures, think that the goal is to make your house look like a magazine publication. For that, you have to make it look as neutral as possible, but not uninhabited. Thus, you will eliminate all potential distractions and put the focus on the most interesting features of the house.

The first thing to do is tidy up and declutter the house, taking any unnecessary element out of sight. Stacks of magazines, messy photos, cables and chargers; all these things must be kept where they can’t be seen. When it comes to home staging, less is more; It is better to leave a single photograph well placed than twelve photos on the shelf, however beautiful they may be.

As we have already mentioned, it is also good to make minor repairs and some updates, such as giving a coat of paint to the walls and furniture that need it. Painting the cabinets white can make a huge difference in your kitchen, and make it look much more attractive to the buyer. It helps to know a little about decoration, using elements that give a touch of colour or enhance a particular aspect of the house, so that the possible buyer’s attention is focused on them. If decorating is not your thing, however, it may be a good idea to hire a professional.

Living room decorated with home staging

What happens next?

Home staging is not everything. It’s useless to spend hours cleaning and decorating if in the end you’re going to take the pictures with your phone camera, or if at the time of writing the ad you don’t know how to sell the best of your house. Also, if you know how to use any photo editing program, you can edit small details that have escaped you to make the photos look perfect.

If you want your house to really stand out from all the others in the market, you have to make sure that the photos have a very good quality, apply marketing and sales techniques when putting it on a public list, and optimize the ad with extras such as videos or virtual reality for the main listing websites.

Fortunately, today there are many professionals who can help you; a good real estate agent will know how to advise and help you throughout the process, and will know more tricks than the ones mentioned in this post.

Are you thinking about selling your house and this post has been useful for you? Do you have any questions left? Tell us in the comments! At Inmokea we have more than 20 years of experience in helping our customers with purchasing or selling their home; If you are looking for a professional to help you with the home staging and the sale of your house, call us!
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    I totally agree that the home staging is useless if after putting in all the work you are just gonna take the picture from your phone’s camera. If you want to get much better responses on your listings try taking pictures using professional gear or hiring a professional photographer would be the best idea since they know all the techniques to take better pictures with good lightening and all this helps a lot in getting better responses on your listing.

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    They have excellently written this informative blog as it clears all the doubts. Also, they have mentioned some tips and tricks to know about avoiding the challenges of selling your house. I will use them if needed.

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      We are glad that the information was useful to you. For any questions, you can contact us by e-mail or telephone.
      Thanks a lot!

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    Great post! Thanks a lot.

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      Thank you very much! greetings from Inmokea

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    Thank you for sharing your blog. Keep on posting.

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      Thank you very much! greetings from Inmokea

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    Amazing tips. Thanks for sharing it.

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