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¿Has comprado o vendido una casa con nosotros y quieres contar tu historia?

We could give you a thousand reasons why you can trust us to buy or sell your property in Torrevieja and Costa Blanca, but in truth, we’d rather have our clients speak for us. Do you want to listen to what they have to say?

“Paula and Peter Olson did not want to buy from distance, especially him, he was reluctant to buy a house without seein it in person. But Paula saw the house of her dreams on our website, and he gave her an opportunity to see it online, and when they saw it together, it was love at first sight, and with all the online processing the house was purchased. Since then, they live very happily with their three children on the Costa de Sol”

Paula and Peter, buyeres 

“We had the house for sale for a long time, we contacted Inmokea, apart from the professionalism they showed us and it was a success, they prepared the house for us with a marketing plan and home staging, in the end we sold it very quickly thanks to Inmokea” .

Carmen y her husband, buyeres 🇪🇸


“María and Mikael, both from Sweden, contacted us via e-mail to buy their house, since they could not travel due to the Corona Virus moment in which we lived. The management was done 100% online and they already have the house of their dreams on the Costa Blanca” .

María y Mikael, buyeres 

I started Google house, until i called Inmokea, we ended up being friends, and most importantly trust they gave us, we will buy more houses in Torrevieja, always with Inmokea

Rubén Cheble, buyer 🇪🇸

They have full control of all the rules, laws, knowledge, safety and sincerity. The truth of what you told me at the beginning everything was like that. There was no change

Juan Carlos, buyer 🇵🇪

We hope that in the future, maybe some of our friends or family might want the thing and we can share some vacations together. we recommend inmokea 100%

Roger & Debbie, buyers 🇬🇧

“You sold the house in two weeks. I’m recommending you to everyone, because I really think you should be looked up to. You’re different and very professional.”

Alfonso, seller 🇪🇸

“I was surprised by you, especially given the situation, as a real estate agency. I had already tried to sell the home by myself and it was very hard.”

Zaida, seller 🇪🇸

“We felt looked after from the beginning and are completely satisfied. Eva understood what we wanted from the start.”


Antonia and César, buyers 🇦🇷

“Everything went very well and very quickly, it was perfect. They treated us wonderfully, we can’t say anything bad. Especially to Belgian people.”


Joaquín and Mercedes, buyers  🇧🇪

“Anybody who has doubts, I’d tell them to come here. I bought my house from Madrid, and I recommend buying with Inmokea 100%. “

Susana, buyer 🇪🇸

“We were very comfortable from the start. You showed us everything about Torrevieja, every area, and you made everything very easy.”

María Pilar, buyer 🇪🇸

“If you have to buy or sell, come to Inmokea. It’s a good and family-based real estate agency, aware of what you need and want. It was great working with them.”

Patricia, seller 🇪🇸

“There was very good communication between Inmokea and me. Very quick, very easy, very cheap, it was good fun. Good people.”


Eddie, buyer 🇬🇧

“We felt very looked after. You take care of the smallest details. We’d recommend anyone to count on Inmokea for any property they want to sell.”

José and Feli, sellers 🇪🇸

“As a customer, I’d say the best thing one can do, instead of making things complicated, is to come to Inmokea and save yourself troubles and headaches.”

Juan, buyer and seller 🇪🇸

“If they ask me, I will definitely tell them to come to the real estate agency Inmokea. It was a very good experience, really.”

Lourdes and Agustín, buyers 🇪🇸

“I felt heard as a client; my needs, what I wanted, what I was looking for. I was helped, I felt supported as a customer.” 

Desire, buyer 🇸🇪

“With your pictures and applying the home staging, the results are very good. We’ve been informed of every step you’ve taken and we’re very happy.”

Isabel, seller 🇪🇸

“We give you a ten because it has been you who moved everything. We didn’t have to worry about anything until you called us to tell you to come to the office.”

Juan and Teresa, sellers 🇪🇸

“I would recommend you one hundred percent. I have no complaints about formality, guarantees or service, on the contrary. You looked after me and that’s very important to me.”

Isabel, seller 🇪🇸

“Eva and her team worked very hard so everything went well. I gave them my trust from the beginning to the end and I don’t regret it.”

Nadine and Michel, buyers 🇧🇪

“You told us that you could sell our home in less than three months and you did it. Nowadays I’d recommend your agency to anyone.”

María and José, sellers 🇪🇸

“You told us that you could sell our home in less than three months and you did it. Nowadays I’d recommend your agency to anyone.”

Paqui, seller 🇪🇸

“I’m very satisfied with the job done by the Inmokea team and Víctor.I’m very thankful because he doesn’t know, but I’ve been dreaming about that house for 20 years.”

Fabrice, buyer 🇧🇪

“Truth to be told, I’m very happy with Inmokea. You did everything very well. You called me, looked after me, were very attentive.

Borja, buyer 🇪🇸

“At Inmokea you’re highly recommendable. Fantastic manners, lots of information, which is great because it takes away a lot of the fears a seller may have.

María and Francisco, sellers 🇪🇸

“Other agencies take a month, or two, or three, and they don’t bring any clients. You make sure that people are comfortable here, you know how to sell a house.

Fernando, seller 🇪🇸

“The service was really great and professional, you gave us time to visit the house, gave lots of information to us, so it was a great service, thank you very much.”

Niels and Gert, buyers 🇧🇪

“I think you give a complete service. You informed me of things I didn’t know, and everything went well. It’s what one expects when buying a flat.”

Luis, buyer 🇸🇪

The agency took care of everything, we didn’t have to do anything. We have always found a very helpful disposition on Inmokea’s side.”

Antonia and Felipe, sellers 🇪🇸

My advice is that people should come here, the way I’ve been treated was fantastic. The service is very good, truth to be told. I’m glad I bought an apartment here.”

Vicente, buyer 🇪🇸

“They’re very professional in their work. You tell them what you want and they look for the perfect house, they don’t try to sell you what’s most expensive.”

Jan, Alejandra and Alexandra, buyers  🇸🇪

“We bought the house already, you could’ve left us on our own, but you haven’t, not at all. You’re our friends now. That’s very important to us.”

Juan José y Felisa, buyers 🇪🇸

“You made me understand that there was no pressure to buy an apartment, that you were only showing me things in case they interested me.”

Ana, buyer 🇸🇪

I am very happy to have sold my house. I’d tried other methods, and I was very overwhelmed because I thought I wouldn’t sell. My advice is that you trust Inmokea.”

Lola, seller 🇪🇸

“You made everything very easy, everything went really quickly. You organised the visit very well, it was an amazing mediation.”

Lourdes, buyer  🇪🇸

“I found Inmokea over the Internet, from Germany. Everything went well from then on, you’re great workers, you do everything, you take us anywhere, you’re perfect.”

Vicenta, buyer 🇩🇪

“I went through several agencies and nobody found what I wanted. You knew what I wanted before I knew it myself. You found the house that answered all my needs.”

Elena, buyer 🇷🇺

“To me it’s your dedication, the thoughtfulness, how swiftly we managed to find what we wanted, obtain the necessary documents, go to the bank, the notary. You’re great.”

Jules and André, buyers 🇧🇪


“We’ve been so lucky, because I haven’t had any problems so far. You’ve helped me with everything, even the paperwork. I’m legally residing here now.”

Karin and Nils, buyers 🇸🇪

Any time you’re buying a house it’s a massive thing. And for it to be made as easy and simple and drama free as it was, I would just like to say thank you, that’s all.”

Andrew and Joanne, buyers 🇬🇧