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Buying a house in Torrevieja: The deposit agreement (Contrato de Arras)
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When buying a house, in Torrevieja or anywhere in Spain, you may have to sign a deposit agreement, also known as Contrato de Arras. This contract is not mandatory by law, although many real estate agencies include it as an … Read More

Prepare your home for Valentine’s Day with the 5 senses.
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Sometimes celebrating Valentine’s day is complicated. Normally the 14th of February happens during the week, in a month of cold weather, with no nearby holidays that give us some time to prepare something spectacular… that’s why many people choose an … Read More

How to sell your home in Torrevieja? Here’s how we do it at Inmokea.
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Today, in Spain, and therefore in Torrevieja, anyone can sell a home. Being a real estate agent is a profession without any requirement, and it’s not even mandatory to go through a real estate agency to sell a home. Knowing … Read More

5 mistakes you can make when renovating your home
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Renovating a home, when not done well, can be a nightmare. Not only is it a very large investment, but you also have to rely on many different professionals to make a project that you may not have any technical … Read More

How do you know if you’re ready to sell your house?
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A few months ago, we wrote a post on how to know if you’re ready to buy a house. It’s one of the big leaps in life, moving from renting to buying, becoming an owner and not a tenant. However, … Read More

How important is emotion when buying a home?
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For an investment as large as buying a house, it seems that the reason is what has to prevail. After all, how are you going to make a decision like that by guiding you through what your heart tells you? … Read More