Are you looking for a house in Torrevieja? Find a real estate personal shopper.

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Have you ever heard of personal shoppers? A personal shopper is someone who looks for personalized goods for each of their clients, taking into account their interests, needs and desires. If you put that together with a real estate agent… you get the figure of the real estate personal shopper.

Why does this interest you? If you’re looking for an apartment in Torrevieja, Costa Blanca, or anywhere else, read on.

What is a real estate personal shopper?
How is it different from a real estate agent?
What steps should a real estate personal shopper follow?
Where do I find a real estate personal shopper?

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What is a real estate personal shopper?

The figure of the personal shopper was created in the United States back in the 80s, although it has traditionally been associated more with fashion and trends than with the real estate world. However, this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work well; the real estate personal shopper is completely dedicated to avoiding trouble for the buyer, making sure to find exactly the home they are looking for, without paying too much, and without unpleasant surprises.

A real estate personal shopper must be someone educated and well-mannered, who knows the real estate market by heart, who is constantly formed, and who knows the necessary steps to follow for the sale of a home.

They’re dedicated to defending the interests of the buyer, despite being a figure of intermediation between buyer and seller. In Spain it is a relatively new figure, arriving approximately in the year 2010, but that has steadily kept on growing.

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How is it different from a real estate advisor?

A real estate advisor and a real estate personal shopper are different, although both are professionals in the same field.

The main difference between the two is that while the real estate advisor works both with sellers and buyers, the real estate personal shopper is dedicated exclusively to the buyer. They will not only defend their client’s interests (something that the real estate advisor also does) but also ensure that they find the perfect home, and nothing less than that.

A personal shopper does more than advise; they solve every problem, always going one step further.

Although it can be believed that the personal shopper works alone, the truth is that more and more real estate agencies are hiring staff with this profile, and more real estate agents are being trained to become personal shoppers, with the aim of giving the best service for their clients.

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What steps should a real estate personal shopper follow?

The first thing that a real estate personal shopper should do is a complete analysis of their client, from their personal situation (age, family, tastes) to the economic one, establishing a framework for the search for a house. Then, using that information, and always working side by side with the client, objectives will be created depending on the characteristics sought in the home. Thanks to their knowledge of the area and the market, the personal shopper will know how to advise their client about the best places to buy the house, and will be able to negotiate until they achieve significant savings.

Subsequently, the personal shopper will be dedicated to select and investigate the homes, providing the customer with all the information they need to make their decision, including of course visits to these properties.

Once it is time to buy the house, they will take care of all the documentation, contacting specialized personnel and the sellers to formalize the sale.

Lastly, the personal shopper provides after-sales service, helping your client in all the necessary procedures after the purchase to make sure you give a complete service.

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Where do I find a real estate personal shopper?

In Torrevieja there are few agencies that offer this service in full, taking care of everything so that the buyer doesn’t have to worry about anything.

In Inmokea we offer a complete service, starting with a very specific questionnaire dedicated to knowing our clients thoroughly. We collaborate with more than 250 agencies, we are part of the Torrevieja MLS, and we make a personalized follow-up that is automatically updated every time we receive a property that suits what our client is looking for.

In addition, thanks to the latest virtual reality technologies, our clients can visit the houses they’re interested in wherever they are, without having to move anywhere.

We take care of everything, from the search for homes throughout the area to legal advice, and of course, the after-sales service.

Are you looking for an apartment in Torrevieja and want to receive the best service? Do not hesitate and contact the Inmokea team. We accompany you throughout the process, from the beginning to the end.
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