Valentine’s at home and without Netflix: It’s possible

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Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and even if love is something you celebrate every day, any excuse is good to do something special with your partner. Of course it turns out that tomorrow is also Thursday, and maybe going out for a dinner date after a long day of work, knowing that the next day you have to get up early, is not what you want. Or maybe you forgot to book at a restaurant, and now everything is full, and you need a plan B. Or perhaps you just want to remind your partner that you don’t need anything other than each other’s company to have a good time.

Whatever your case is, we are firm defenders that there’s no place like home, and that’s why we’re bringing you five ideas to celebrate Valentine’s at home (even if you don’t have Netflix).

Valentine's Candles

Decorate your house

You can surprise your partner if you have the chance, but decorating your home can also be a fun task between both of you. You can put translucent fabrics on the lamps and add some candles to create ambient light, choose your favorite flowers or those of your partner and put them in various places in the house.

Also, remember that the decoration is not only visual; you can use essential oils and incense or take advantage of the candles and make them aromatic, create a list of music that you both enjoy, and put good quality sheets in the bedroom and blankets and cushions in the living room.

Finally, you can always put a cube with ice and champagne and some strawberries or cherries on a plate, which not only look good, but serve as an appetizer.

Couple coooking together Valentine's

Cook something together

A classic plan. You need cooperation, imagination, and it can be a lot of fun. You can experiment with a new recipe, teach each other to cook your favorite dish, or get a little adventurous and see what you can do with what you have at home.

If  you and your partner are a little on the competitive side, you can do a cooking contest, Masterchef style. Choose who prepares the first course and who the second, or challenge each other to make an appetizer and a dessert, or incorporate a specific ingredient that the other must use on his plate. The possibilities are endless, and the prize… is your business.

Plan a dream trip together Valentine's

Plan a dream trip

Staying at home for the night doesn’t mean you have to remain there forever; why not use  the afternoon together to plan the trip you always wanted to do?

Choose a dream destination, explore the locations with Pinterest or Instagram, put a budget and choose what you would most like to do. You may even discover common interests that you did not know you had, or find new experiences to try together.

Game night at Valentine's

Make a game night

A game night for two is a great alternative to ordering some pizzas and Netflix. It allows you to disconnect a bit, do an activity that you may not normally do, and interact with your partner more actively than simply sharing a space on the couch.

The board games have evolved a lot from Connect Four and checkers; nowadays there is a huge variety of games to enjoy as a couple, from games of manual and visual agility to games designed to stimulate your imagination, cooperative or competitive. You can even create your own Escape Room at home.

Another option is to make a trivia night, especially if the questions are about the other; what was his favorite stuffed animal called? What is the food that she hates the most? Who said “I love you” first?

Tasting at home

Prepare a tasting party at home

There are many options to make a tasting party at home: wine, cheese, chocolate … or all three at once. It’s much easier than it seems, and it’s a different way to spend the evening at home with your partner, and it can be a good way to surprise you. It is also a fun plan to do with other couples, so that each one contributes something to the tasting.

To prepare the tasting, choose a theme (cheeses from the north of Spain, or wines from a specific year, or chocolates from different European brands) and make sure that your partner, or diners, do not know which one is which. Prepare a place for tasting, decorate it to your liking and present the food and / or drink as if it were a restaurant.

During the tasting, you can take notes or simply comment what each one thinks, and even play to see who guesses what you just tasted.

We hope these ideas will be useful to you, whether celebrate or not Valentine’s, either tomorrow or any other day. And if what you are looking for is not your other half, but your dream house, in Inmokea we are always willing to help you.
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