Virtual reality can help you sell your home in Torrevieja: Here’s why.

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Let’s be honest: To sell your home in Torrevieja is not an easy task. The sale process in Spain lasts an average of nine months. In a market like Torrevieja, which has more houses than inhabitants, it’s even more complicated.

That said, as real estate professionals, we know there are many ways to make this process easier. More than once we’ve been able to sell a house in a day or less, but as Mr. Ende said, that is another story and must be told on another occasion. Today’s theme is virtual reality.

Virtual reality to sell your home in Torrevieja

What is virtual reality?

In technical terms, the words “virtual reality” are used to describe a three-dimensional, computer-generated environment that can be explored by the user.

From that definition, we can draw several types of virtual reality. The first and simplest one consists of using a 360 degree 3D camera that takes data from several angles in every room, and then employs software to convert that information in a virtual tour.

Another option, used more often by builders before or during construction, is to create a completely virtual home. To do this, a VR designer uses files in CAD format or plans to create representations of what is going to be built, so that they can be explored with a laptop or a console system like PlayStation. Do you think that someone imagined ten years ago that we were going to be able to use the PS to sell houses?

For those who want to go one step further, there is the possibility of providing a 100% immersive virtual reality experience. This is done with glasses and headphones designed for VR, 4K televisions, and video game controls. This will ensure virtual visits to your home, if only out of curiosity about the VR glasses.

Speaking of which, here at Inmokea we’ve been using immersive VR technology for a while, so if you’re curious about what a virtual tour through a house looks like, swing by our offices and try our VR glasses! 

Sell your home in Torrevieja advantages virtual reality

Advantages of using VR

Having your home advertised with virtual reality is a huge differentiation from the vast majority of homes for sale. In a market like Torrevieja, that is essential.

Besides, nowadays anyone can have access to photo editing software, which means that many potential buyers do not trust what a simple photo shows them. Offering a virtual tour gives more reassurance to potential buyers, since it allows them to see the house as if they were there.

This technology saves time both for you, who want to sell your home, and for the buyer who can decide much more easily whether they are interested or not in the house. Not only it allows them to make a visit wherever they are, with their mobile, tablet or computer. It also saves you the effort of preparing the house every time someone wants to visit.

Lastly, it gives your home a global reach. It doesn’t matter that your buyer is on the other side of the world; you can show your home to them as if they were there, through the Internet.

Preparing your home to sell in Torrevieja for virtual reality

How do I prepare my home for a virtual tour?

The first thing you will have to do is clean, tidy up and decorate the house as if you were preparing it for a visit. Use home staging techniques (we’ll talk about them soon) to make sure your house looks its best. You need to make sure that the space seems as open and transparent as possible.

You will need, a camera capable of producing the virtual reality tour, that you can either buy or rent.

Then, you must decide on what aspects and perspectives of the house you want to focus on, which angles are the most interesting, and where you are going to put the camera. Remember that first impressions are very important; think of the first thing you want the buyer to see, and begin and end with that element. Maybe putting the camera in a corner allows you to capture a wider angle, but it is also possible that you force your prospective buyer to observe a piece of wall for several seconds, and lose their attention.

Or you can hire a professional to do it for you instead, and make sure you get good results.

The future of virtual reality in Torrevieja

What does the future hold?

Let’s start with the numbers. According to this study, 73% of millennials are interested in virtual reality technology, with 20% referring directly to it as “the future”. 81% of people who try virtual reality tell their friends, and 79% will try to try it again. In addition, 80% of consumers think that a virtual reality experience can improve their opinion about a brand or product.

If we focus on the real estate market, a study made by global trend analysts The Future Laboratory on what it will be like to sell a home in the future gives us very interesting data. According to the study, in the next ten years we’ll be able to make hyper-realistic virtual visits to any house for sale, we will see “For Sale” posters that can send messages to the user’s smartphone, and we’ll have devices that will allow the prospective buyer to redecorate the house virtually to your taste. There will even be technology that sends automatic alerts to anyone who is looking for a home when they walk near a house for sale that suits their interests.

At the moment, unfortunately, that technology is not available, but there is still much to explore about virtual reality.

What do you think of virtual reality? Do you think it can help you sell your home? If so, and you want to sell your home in Torrevieja and Costa Blanca, in Inmokea we put the technology at your fingertips. Give us a call!
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