Decorate your house in Torrevieja without spending a fortune

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When we want to redecorate a home in order to attract more potential tenants, one of the biggest concerns we have is whether we will have to invest more money than we can afford. If you live in Torrevieja and are thinking of redecorating your home to rent or sell it, this post is for you.

On many occasions, we’re unable to sell a house because its decoration does not attract attention, precisely. So, if you are thinking of selling a house in Torrevieja, do not forget the most important thing: the decoration of all its spaces.

Decorate the main room
Give that room you have abandoned a change
The bathroom and the kitchen: the abandoned ones when we decorate a house
Small tips to decorate your living room without spending much

Cáctus, espejo en estantería. Decorar tu casa en Torrevieja.

Decorate the main room

On many occasions, we think that the main room should be as classic and simple as possible. We choose to leave this space as neutral as possible. This option is fine if we don’t want it to be a place that stands out for its decoration. But, as you know, the decoration of all the spaces in the home is equally important.

Therefore, we recommend you to bet on something different, something unusual.

Years ago, it was fashionable to paint the walls with two different colors. Nowadays a very exciting variant of this style is trending. We can paint three of the four walls of white and play with the wall of the headboard of the bed.

On this occasion, this wall may have rather abstract motifs. Yes, abstract motives. We can play with grayish colors combined with a pair of light colors that we like. Thus, we can play with the colors of the objects in the entire bedroom. And, in addition, we will give a touch of originality and infallible personality to this room.

sofá y mesa pallet. Decoración en Torrevieja.

Give that room you have abandoned a change

If you are lucky enough to have a room to without a functionality, you can make use of it with little expense.

Having a room to spare is a great plus with which we can make the most of our living. We can make it a disconnection space.

It is simpler and cheaper than it seems. The key is in recycling.

We can get a relaxation space with, simply, wooden pallets and an old car wheel. But what good are these elements?

Well, it’s very simple. With wooden pallets we can create shelves to have our personal library, a table and even, with the help of some cushions and some blankets, sofa-type seats.

On the other hand, the wheel serves to create a custom seat. With a large cushion on the wheel, previously painted wheel of a beautiful colour, we will have our seat recycled.

As you can see, with a couple of tools and paint we can make some wooden pallets and a wheel make our room abandoned a disconnection room.

Dormitorio tonos fríos. Decora tu casa en Torrevieja.

The bathroom and the kitchen: the abandoned ones when we decorate a house

When decorating a house, we tend not to pay attention to these two spaces, when in reality, we can follow the same decorating tips in both spaces.

Here are a few examples:

– Get rid of all the furniture that overload the space to get a functional space.

– Use light tones to improve the lighting of these rooms.

– Add a small plant to get a feeling of tranquility and brightness.


Salón de diseño en Torrevieja.

Small tips to decorate your living room without spending much

If the living room has a built-in bookcase, we usually fill it with objects and that is a big mistake. If you have many things, you can use small boxes of cloth of a colour that fits the general decoration of the room. Thus, you can make the most of the space.

Another option for built-in shelving is to use the rule of the three objects. This rule says that if we put three objects together of different sizes in the same space, we help the harmony of the place and create a sense of space.

If, on the other hand, we have normal shelves and a room with more open space, there are many economic options to decorate it. In fact, we can opt for a minimalist decoration. This decorative style can be summarized in the sentence”less is more”. That is, little decoration, simple style, nothing overloaded and using few colours.

On the other hand, we can follow the rule of three green spots. This rule is based on colour plants or flowers in three spots of the room. Obviously, they must be plants or flowers of a rather small size.

Lastly, we can add a painting in the middle of the room with colours that contrast with the decoration of this space. In fact, it can be a picture that you create yourself. That way, you’ll get exactly what you need without spending extra money.

As you can see, we can completely change the environment of a whole house by spending little money. It is about taking care of all the small details of the house. So, to decorate your home in Torrevieja with style, follow these tips.


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