Things to do in Torrevieja in Winter

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To think of Torrevieja is to think of a city for the summer, and with good reason. With its beautiful beaches, its more than 3,000 hours of sun a year, and its multitude of sports and water leisure activities, there’s plenty to enjoy in Torrevieja during the warmer months of the year… but the enjoyment doesn’t end there. There is life beyond summer in Torrevieja; would you like to know about it?

Salt lakes of Torrevieja

Picture by Mike Young on Flickr

Visit the Natural Park of Las Lagunas de la Mata and Torrevieja

Although Las Lagunas de la Mata and Torrevieja can be visited all year round, we recommend making the trip in winter, when the sun doesn’t sting so much and one can go for a pleasant stroll.

This natural park consists of two lagoons; Laguna Rosa, belonging to Torrevieja, and Laguna Verde, which belongs to La Mata. It’s a wetland dedicated to salt extraction, and it has a unique landscape that is definitely worth visiting, if only to see the waters dyed pink thanks to the action of bacteria in the bottom of the lagoon.

We also recommend carrying binoculars, since in Las Lagunas de la Mata and Torrevieja one can see many types of birds that inhabit the area, from flamingos to herons, as well as plovers, various types of gulls, and even ospreys. If you are lucky, you may even see a hedgehog or a fox.

Floating museum in Torrevieja

Discover the museums of Torrevieja

Torrevieja has many exhibition halls, such as Vista Alegre and Los Aljibes, as well as historical museums such as the Museum of the Sea and Salt, the Habaneras Museum or La Imprenta. However, the museum that most attracts our attention is nothing more and nothing less than a submarine!

Submarine S-61 Dolphin was gifted to the city of Torrevieja on December 1, 1974, and is currently a floating museum that anyone can visit to learn about the living conditions that its crew would have at the time.

As seasoned citizens of Torrevieja, we recommend that you call the Tourist Office of Torrevieja before going, since sometimes it is closed for rehabilitation work or for safety.

And if you like floating museums, you can also visit the Albatros III customs surveillance patrol boat for free.

Shows in Torrevieja

Enjoy an afternoon show

In the Auditorium of Torrevieja you can enjoy all kinds of shows, all year round, from magic exhibitions to musicals, opera and the symphonic orchestra. To keep up with all the available shows, you just have to take a look at their website, from which you can also buy tickets.

Another good option is the Palacio de la Música, which houses the Francisco Casanovas Professional Conservatory, and offers recitals and concerts by the students of the conservatory itself.

Finally, if you enjoy a more hands-on theatre, we ought to recommend the cultural association Cueva de Melpomene, where besides a variety of shows, they offer courses, conferences, and even improvisation training.

Sea walk in Torrevieja

Find the hidden corners of Torrevieja

Although it seems too simple of an option, we wanted to dedicate this last point to all the places that can be visited in Torrevieja while going for a stroll.

A simple tour along Paseo Vistalegre will take us to the monument in homage to the Musicians of Torrevieja, and if we continue along the beach we will see many bronze statues, such as the statue of the Bella Lola, or the monument to the Man of the Sea.

We can also take a walk through the multiple parks that Torrevieja has, especially Parque de las Naciones, where the youngest can enjoy a space to play. Its lake is worth noting, with 6,000m² of extension, showing a scale reproduction of the map of the European continent, and where several types of birds and fish live.

If we want something more historical, the Torre del Moro is a great option; a construction that dates from 1320 A.C. and has undergone all kinds of changes over time, and remains as a monument to the history of Torrevieja.

Lastly, of course, we have to mention the magnificent beaches of Torrevieja: El Cura, La Mata, Los Locos, Los Náufragos, Punta Prima, El Acequión… With an average of 18ºC, the beaches of Torrevieja are good to visit no matter the time of the year, and the most daring can even bathe.


What do you think of the plans we’re suggesting? Is there anything you would add? Tell us in the comments. And if this article has convinced you that Torrevieja is where you want to live all year, contact Inmokea! We will make sure to find the perfect home for you.
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