Six places to see in Torrevieja.

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Torrevieja has been one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Costa Blanca for a very long time. If you’ve never come here, today we are going to talk about six fundamental sites to see in Torrevieja. If this is already your favourite vacation spot, or you live here, share this article to give more reasons for your friends to visit!

Beaches of Torrevieja
Las Lagunas Natural Park
Vista Alegre and Juan Aparicio promenades
Torrevieja Casino Cultural Society
Parque de las Naciones
Museums and Auditorium

Playas y Calas en Torrevieja

Beaches of Torrevieja

Although we have already talked extensively about the many beaches of Torrevieja, we couldn’t elaborate this list and not mention them. With their fine sand and the crystalline waters of the Mediterranean, the beaches of Torrevieja are good to enjoy all year. In 2019, which is when we’re writing this article, the beaches of Torrevieja were awarded with no less than five blue flags: Cala Pitera, Playa de los Náufragos, Playa del Cura, Playa de los Locos and Cabo Cervera received the award.

Until last year, Playa de la Mata (the largest in Torrevieja) also had a blue flag. The municipality of Torrevieja is working to recover the award, so we hope to see the flag waving again next year.

Salinas de Torrevieja

Fuente: Alberto Casanova en Flickr

Las Lagunas Natural Park

The Natural Park of Las Lagunas de La Mata and Torrevieja, or the salt flats of Torrevieja, is another must-see when one comes to spend a few days in our municipality.

With a protected area of ​​approximately 3.700 hectares, this natural park is home to thousands of birds, with the flamingo being the most famous, and the area’s native flora such as wild orchid or albardín. It’s worth going to the Interpretation Center of the park, located in Laguna de la Mata, from which hiking trails are usually offered.

We have also written more in depth about the salt lakes; you can read it here.

Que ver en Torrevieja: Paseo Vista Alegre y Juan Aparicio

Vista Alegre and Juan Aparicio promenades

The Vista Alegre promenade is one of the most emblematic and recognizable in Torrevieja; in it we can see the typical bronze sculptures of the area such as the Homage to the Musicians of Torrevieja, as well as the Monument to the Coralists that is at the beginning of the walk.

To the west of this walk are the Eras de la Sal, which was the jetty from which salt was loaded on the ships from the second half of the 18th century until the middle of the 20th century. Today, Torrevieja remains the main salt exporter in Spain.

On the other hand, Juan Aparicio, a promenade that follows that of Vista Alegre, also has many bronze sculptures (among them the Bella Lola, probably the biggest influencer in Torrevieja), and unbeatable views of the multiple coves and beaches of Torrevieja. In addition, following this walk we can reach the two floating museums of Torrevieja: The Delfín S-61 submarine and the Albatros III patrol boat.

Que ver en Torrevieja: Casino

Torrevieja Casino Cultural Society

Walking along the Paseo de Vista Alegre, with beautiful views to the sea, we find this Valencian modernist building, designed by the architects José Guardiola Picó and Tomás Aznar in 1986 and built on August 10 of the same year. Inside there is a neo-Nasrid-style room built in 1901 by Andalusian experts, reproduction of a typical patio from Granada made of plaster.

At the time it was built, Torrevieja barely reached 8,000 inhabitants; difficult to think today, with Torrevieja exceeding 82,000. During the following years it was maintained with various works of decoration and improvement, and thanks to this the building is still used today; it is possible to eat a paella inside or even become a member and enjoy all the cultural activities they organize.

Que ver en Torrevieja: Parque de las Naciones

Parque de las Naciones

Moving “inland” we find Parque de las Naciones, which is only one of the many pleasant parks we can find in Torrevieja. Other parks that we can mention are the Molino del Agua Park, a pine forest next to the Mata beach, or the Doña Sinforosa Park, home to many birds (especially parrots) and located in the Acequión area.

In Parque de las Naciones is the Hermitage of Saint Emigdio, patron saint of Torrevieja, and a huge map of Europe surrounded by a lake that gives its name to the park. In addition, this park has the answer to one of the great mysteries of Torrevieja: The chickens that can be seen throughout the city have their home here.

It’s an especially entertaining visit if you have children, since they will greatly enjoy meeting the chickens, chicks, ducks, and even peacocks that roam freely in the park.

Auditorio y museos


Museums and Auditorium

To close the list, we’re going to mention the museums of Torrevieja, like the Museum of the Sea and Salt, where one can see the famous salt boats typical of Torrevieja, and the Museum of Easter “Tomás de Valcárcel”, in which one can appreciate the passion with which this party is lived in Torrevieja.

Lastly, we want to make a special mention to the Torrevieja International Music Auditorium, which integrates the Auditorium and Conservatory and has a landscaped area of ​​95,665 m². The Auditorium, which enjoys shows all year, has a room prepared for almost 1,500 spectators, as well as a chamber room with a capacity for 385 people.

We’ve left some things out of this list, such as the Torre del Moro and the Torre de la Mata, which are believed to have given their name to the municipality, or the Immaculate Conception Church, built at the end of the 19th century in the urban center traced after the infamous earthquake of 1829. If you think there is something important that we haven’t said, share it in the comments! And if this article has convinced you, and you want to come to live in Torrevieja … in Inmokea we have the house for you. Call us now!
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