Buying a show house: Is it worth it?

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You’ve heard of show houses before; the apple of the sales promoters’ eye, the flat that is finished and decorated far before the housing development is complete. Every show house is different: Some sales promoters choose to put it in the best location of the development to showcase the best they have to offer, while others locate it in the place that will be most difficult to sell since they know it will be the last one to be sold either way. What is true for every show house is that they are homes that are for sale, like all others, but their unique circumstances give them a series of advantages and disadvantages.

A quality home
Ready to move in
The price
Advice at the time of purchase

Cocina de piso piloto en Torrevieja

A quality home

The show house is one of the best tools that the promoter has to sell their homes, so its finishes are usually of the best possible quality. From the kitchen to the flooring, all the house’s assets will be impeccable. Of course, they may not be particularly practical; parquet flooring is gorgeous, but it also has a more complicated maintenance than stoneware.

If the show house has a garden, it will have already been cleaned, and thanks to the interior design, the floor will already have details such as good quality lamps or mirrors to give more space, which are more expensive than one can imagine.

On the other hand, one must bear in mind that the show house is new construction, but has received many visitors during the period of time in which it has been open. Since the house must always be impeccable, this means that the walls will have received more than one coat of paint, and minor repairs may have been made.

Maleta en suelo de parquet. Mudanza a piso de obra nueva

Ready to move in

This is undoubtedly one of the main attractions of the show house: As a customer, all you have to do when buying one of these new construction homes is to arrive with your luggage to Torrevieja and get settled.

Show houses are usually sold with all furniture, appliances and decoration included, from basic things such as sofas and tables to paintings and bed linens. The decoration will have been designed by a professional, which means that at the time of purchase, the interior of the house will be synonymous with style and innovation.

Of course, this means that you lose a very attractive element of the purchase of a new building, which is to choose all the extras that come with the house, and to decorate your new home to taste. If you are someone who enjoys choosing every aspect of your home, you may prefer to buy some other house in the development.

Monedas en mesa. Precio de un piso piloto

The price

It is a common belief that the show house is always cheaper, and this is true often, either because it has already been opened and visited, or because it is the last one of the promotion and a series of discounts have been applied. However, this is not always true: The price depends a lot on each sales promoter, the negotiation talks, and the location of the show house in question.

In general, however, there are many ways to get a good offer for the show house; although the cost of the apartment itself does not change, the appliances and furniture can be included in the price, which means significant savings.

Consejos para comprar un piso de obra nueva.

Advice at the time of purchase

Before buying the house you should visit it several times, and decide if it is really what you are looking for. The show house is specially designed to be attractive to the prospective buyer, but often, “nice” and “practical” are conflicting concepts. The marble in the kitchen is beautiful, but do you want to be sealing it every six months?

You should also inspect it and make sure that it’s really ready to move in, that the appliances and pipes are well installed and not just placed to look good, and an endless list of things.

Lastly, and as with all home sales in the world, it is very important that you have a professional on your side. Find a real estate agent in Torrevieja that you can trust, to take a look at the contract you are signing before closing the sale. A show house is, in general, a good purchase opportunity, but you should always be careful with such a big investment. With the help of a good real estate agent you can negotiate the best possible conditions and ensure a good purchase.

Would you buy the show house of a new construction development? Or do you prefer the freedom of the rest of the promotion? Have you already bought one and want to tell us your experience? Write it in the comments! Or take a look at the selection of new construction in Torrevieja and Costa Blanca on our website, and find the house of your dreams.
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